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MarketCoin 357 986.5915 QIWI RUB min 150 1 Bitcoin 0.42 BTC 10/6/0
Bitcoin24 SU 351 700 Sberbank RUB min 1500 1 Bitcoin 1.52 BTC 41/0/0
BitMonsters 1 Bitcoin min 0.01 154 977.29 Privat24 UAH -0.0004 BTC 15 000 UAH 2/1/0
Bitcoin24 SU 1 Bitcoin min 0.01 343 300 Sberbank RUB 50 307 RUB 41/0/0
Euro Bitcoins 1 Bitcoin min 0.01 349 919.5186 QIWI RUB 101 943 RUB 27/1/0
Staff-Obmen 159 879.9999 Privat24 UAH min 1000 1 Bitcoin 0.07 BTC 5/1/0
Smart-Obmen 1 QIWI RUB 0.4425 Privat24 UAH 230 562 UAH 17/0/0
OrangeExchangePro 349 110.8148 YA.Money min 500 1 Bitcoin -0.0005 BTC 0.02 BTC 0/0/0
SpbWmCasherRU 1 WMR 0.9893 QIWI RUB 65 020 RUB 0/0/0
24-exchange 1 WMR min 350 0.4406 Privat24 UAH 111 133 UAH 3/0/0

Interactive analyzer is better that exchange monitoring

RateGuru is an exchange analyzer that makes it easy and convenient to exchange electronic money with minimal losses due to fees, as well as to keep you informed of all the latest happenings from the world of electronic and other currencies. The concepts of "exchangers monitoring" and "rates monitoring" have become obsolete and replaced with currency analyzer, and this means in particular that the site is interactive, i.e. it has certain intelligence, remembers your preferences, geographical origin, and provides information in real time. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic features of our service in the "Help" section, as well as the main advantages that can briefly be represented as follows:

Control of exchangers

All exchangers pass a thorough check, so the probability of fraud is almost zero

The best rates

Due to the largest selection of exchangers, our exchangers rates are the most profitable

In real time

Updating rates and cross-rates takes place almost in real time (every 6-12 seconds)
3036 exchange services
29670 exchange offers
250 currencies
5 foreign exchange markets

We are constantly expanding our database to give you the opportunity to choose from the largest possible number of exchange offices. Please note that each of them is carefully screened to provide quality services. Therefore, dubious exchange services are excluded from our listing.

You do not know which exchange service to choose? We will help you. Learn the basic features of the currency analyzer in the section Exchangers.

If you are the owner of an exchange service or just want to report the one not represented on our website, just submit a request and it will be added, in the case of compliance to the requirements for exchange services.

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Exchange rates

Bid 0.848300
Ask 0.848800


Cstacey 163.172.110.* 7 October 2017, 11:10
I changed advcash to paypal, the support service said the transaction number, but the money to the paypal account was not receiv...
24Bestex 82.118.227.* 24 August 2017, 14:58
Постоянно пользуюсь и еще никогда не подвели.
aChange 1.129.97.* 1 August 2017, 02:21
this exchange allowed a hacker to access my account and they allowed the hacker to exchange my money. this is not a good exchang...
Tim Barnett
NXT 60.240.180.* 29 July 2017, 23:55
Transfer BTC to LTC. Exchange showing as delayed and no funds for over 3 weeks now. I want my BTC returned.
MegaChange RU 88.135.209.* 28 July 2017, 20:05
ОСТОРОЖНО МОШЕННИКИ!!! Обмен не проводят, а те деньги что я им отправил не возвращают. Онлайн чат мне заблокировали а других кон...
Bit Exchanger 177.17.169.* 22 July 2017, 02:53
I transferred 0.01159533 BTC to this exchange, to transfer to paypal, on 7/18/2017 10:21:03 pm, today 7/21/2017 has not yet been...
WeoPay 46.21.60.* 21 July 2017, 13:27
Review where is my 30% affiliate bonus, ripped me ff for 675 usd My referal made total exchanges for 43000usd took f...

Project's Updates

RatesGuru - the leader by the number of exchangers

11 October 2017, 18:15
More in full news.


16 September 2017, 02:42
Within the move of BTC-E to WEX, currencies were added WEX USD, WEX EUR, WEX RUB

Start exchange with RateGuru

Do you use inconvenient and technically outdated monitoring of the exchange services? Give it up! RatesGuru analyzer is a game changer in the search for the best rates for electronic money! Remember: exchangers monitoring is the past, the exchange analyzer is the future.

You do not know which exchange service to choose? We will help you. Learn the basic features of the currency analyzer in the section “Help”. It is very easy and convenient.

You use the same exchange service for a long time? Are you sure its rates are the most favorable even with your discount? – Check it out on our website.

You don’t want to change the time-tested exchange service even knowing that there are more profitable rates? – Just use RatesGuru analyzer, choose more favorable rates and make a few small test exchanges at another exchange service.

Our site is better than any monitoring of the exchange services, which are already obsolete as a service. Try it and you'll like it.

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