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What is RatesGuru?

Why is RatesGuru the best among similar services?

How reliable are the exchange services presented here?

How to recover the account password?

How to find the best exchange rate?

What is WebMoney BL?

What is WebMoney WMID?

Why does the site display currency exchange rates and news of another country?

I am the owner of an exchange service, which is already on the site. How do I get access to the personal account?

What does the sign "*" in the list of the exchange services mean?

I haven’t found my question, what should I do?


RateRatesGuru is a service that allows you to exchange electronic money at the most favorable exchange rate at any time, as well as to get all the necessary information related to the Internet exchange services, cash and electronic currencies, banks and payment systems


  1. Best rates. Some services remove exchange services from their list if cooperation is not profitable for them. Then you will not see the really best rate if the exchange service offers this rate. We will always have those exchange services and only the most favorable rates
  2. The service is interactive, i.e. it adapts to you in real time, just like our support service. The system remembers all your preferences and settings and displays them next time you visit the site.
  3. Functionality exceeds our closest competitors at times. We constantly monitor this.
  4. Ease and convenience in use. Nothing superfluous, only the bare necessities – this is what the home page shows each time you visit us. It is for you.
As you can see, the superiority is obvious. We are looking forward to seeing you as a regular visitor!

We value our reputation, so for your safety, all exchange services are thoroughly tested by our service.

Besides, we constantly monitor the number of claims, as well as indicators such as WebMoney BL (business level). In case of problems, such exchange services are excluded from our service until resolution of such problems.

Account password can be recovered by clicking on "Login" at the top of the screen, entering your e-mail, and then clicking on "I do not remember my password".

To do this, simply click on the yellow block on the top of the screen and select the currency you want to sell, then the currency you want to buy, after which you will see a list of exchange services working in this direction.

Data will be sorted by a favorable rate. Click on the exchange service you are interested in and you will be led to its page, where you can make an exchange.

Please note that our service remembers your chosen exchange direction and stores the record in the panel of rates. You can add, delete or edit several more exchange directions at any time and view each of them with a single click. Try it, it is very convenient.

WebMoney BL defines the business level of the exchange service. The higher the business level, the more operations the exchange service conducts, the greater the volume of transactions conducted and the number of correspondents. Also, presence of claims also affects WebMoney BL.

WebMoney WMID is 12 digits that identify the participant in the WebMoney system. It is a kind of a personal WebMoney account.

WMID is not secret information, so you can view all available public information about it on the WebMoney website, such as WebMoney BL, date of registration, type of certificate, etc.

However, WMID can’t be used to receive or send funds. WM purses are used for this, which have the following format: X123456789012 (Latin letter +12 digits), for example Z000000000001.

To change the default country, you must go to the page ”Currency rates” and select your country, after which the system will remember your choice and every time you visit the site, you will be displayed the news and cash currency rates of the selected country.

To do this, please send us a request from the section "Contacts". We will contact you and provide you with access details after some refinements.

It means that the exchange service has several sites running on a single name. You can view reserves for each of the sites, reviews, as well as additional information at the page of the exchange service by clicking on the "Review" field which looks like this 1/1/0.

Please contact our customer support through feedback form or click on "Support" button in the lower right corner to connect with the operator in the "online" mode.

Telegram binding is required

In a new window, click "Send message."
The Telegram chat opens. In it, click "Start".