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RatesGuru extends the functionality

20 June 2017, 10:00 / КурсЕксперт / RatesGuru
New features are designed to more deeply analyze the courses and exchangers on our site.

1. "Discount in the exchanger" function

Suppose there is an exchanger X in which you have a discount. However, we can not know this because we do not have access to your private office in the exchanger X. This is yours and only your personal information.

Select any exchange direction through the currency pair pane at the top of the page. In each line of the exchanger you will see a field for entering "Discount". Simply enter your discount in the line of the relevant exchanger and the site will remember and take it into account instantly. It's simple!

There are such exchangers that you do not like for a certain reason and basically do not want to use it. Simply enter a negative value of the discount for it, the exchanger will "fall" to the end of the list and "will not catch your eye."

Pay attention! This function works only for cases when your discount in the exchanger is calculated from the amount of exchange (not from the exchanger's profit).  

2. Notification function

Do not you like the course? Are you sure that it will be better or just ready to wait for the best offers from the exchangers?

Choose any direction of exchange through the panel of currency pairs at the top of the page, click on the "Notification" button, specify the conditions that suit you, click "Confirm". Everything is ready.

Once the courses are like yours, our robot will tell you about it by e-mail. If the robot does not find courses for you for the time you indicated, he will also notify about it.  

Note that the robot takes into account the discounts in the exchangers specified in paragraph 1.

3. Cross-rates

This function allows you to exchange currency A for currency B in several stages using the buffer currency X, while achieving a greater benefit than in the direct exchange of currency A to currency B. Moreover, our analyzer does not show all the exchange options, but only the most profitable, suitable For you.

Suppose there is a direction for exchanging Bitcoin for QIWI RUB. On such pages you can find such a sign . This means that there are more profitable cross-rates. Click on this sign or on the button "Cross-rates" and get options for exchange through the buffer currency.

For example, we change Bitcoin to PM USD, then change PM USD to QIWI RUB.

4. Stop list of exchangers

We decided to provide another one besides the blacklist of exchangers. The exchangers in the stop-list fulfill their obligations to the clients, but do not fulfill those in front of the partners. In the black list they can not be placed, however in a rating similar sites also can not participate. Stop list of exchangers can be viewed by this link.

5. Advanced search for exchangers The exchanger rating page has the option to perform advanced searches. What does it mean? This means that now you can get information about any exchanger or group of exchangers from our database, regardless of where the exchanger is - in the white, black list, in the stop list, participates in the ranking, is active, unavailable, etc.

6. Commission of payment systems

The account of the commission for outgoing payment in the payment system was introduced. This option you can see under the field "Give" in any direction of exchange or in cross-rates.

However, in some payment systems, for example, Perfect Money, the commission fee is different for verified and unverified users. For such cases, manual setting of commissions is provided.

The function is available for authorized users.

7. Quick Currency Search

The panel of currency pairs at the top of the page now includes fields for entering currencies from the keyboard. You can see them when you want to add a new currency pair. This function allows you to find the desired currency in 1 click and not look for it in a large list of currencies, which you can call again by clicking on the text "Give" or "Receive."

In addition, we have made a number of small, inconspicuous changes to the eye, but facilitating a convenient and fast navigation on our service.

Enjoy your use!

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