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Affiliate program

Service «RateGuru» invites webmasters and Internet users who want to get extra money on the Internet, to participate in the affiliate program.

Terms of affiliate program

Earnings from $0.10 to $0.40
for each attracted your visitors depending on the quality and quantity of traffic More

Reward earned


If you have a website, even with a small attendance, you just register, install the code banner or link on your site, and all - you receive income from the visitor attraction.

If you do not have a website, you can simply recommend us to friends, acquaintances, partners, so anyone, using forums, instant messengers (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber etc.), chats, communities, social networks. Promotional materials will be available to you immediately after the register. References in these materials to be telling us that the visitor came it from you, and you will receive a monetary reward for it.

In addition, by signing up now, you instantly get a pleasant surprise - a bonus of $ 1 into your account.

Please note! We will carefully check and attracted visitors can refuse to pay compensation in case of attempts to "cheat" earnings, the creation of a fictitious stream of visitors, the use of active advertising (CAP), advertising on sites about earnings in network advertising on sites created for the sake of advertising. Detailed terms and conditions of cooperation will be available in account (personal account partner) after a register, as well as This page.

Become a partner RateGuru Terms can be agreed individually Join us

Telegram binding is required

In a new window, click "Send message."
The Telegram chat opens. In it, click "Start".